Your Registration fee covers your Injury Insurance premium. Surefinity Insurance is limited (see summary below) and Surefinity recommends that all players have their own private health insurance. 



To be insured:

Upon registering into a team for a competition, you must read the “conditions of play’ before signing, to ensure you fully understand them.                       

You must hold an Oztag Registration Number or Receipt number to be insured when playing Oztag. 

·         If you do not know your Oztag Registration Number or Receipt number then please contact your Competition Manager.  

 The injured player must report any injury sustained whilst playing the game of Oztag to the Competition Manager, Referee or an Oztag Official immediately.

·         If the injured player cannot, a representative from the team must do so. 

·         If this is not done on the night/day of the injury, you will not be covered by Insurance.

·         The Competition Manager will record the injury on a "Insurance Report’ which will be kept by the Manager and a copy sent to Australian Oztag Sports Association Head office.